The Man in the Mask



I didn’t like The Strangers, and I haven’t seen the sequel. But I did like the look of the bad guys. So I figured what the hell, let’s draw the man in the mask.


Bruno Sammartino



I was gonna draw Bruno Sammartino as a wrestler, but he was a badass looking old man, so I went with that. Admittedly I’ve read more about him than I’ve seen of him, but man, what a life. Going from a child hiding from the nazis to coming to the States as a kid who was sickly and spoke no English to setting a world record in weightlifting to being a world wrestling champion for more than eleven years? Insane.

The Miz



Here’s why I was drawing the IC title a little while back. I don’t know if he’s taking a little time off because if his daughter being born, but I’d be happy to see him retain Sunday. Dude’s a workhorse and he is a good fit in this role. Either that or he loses, moves to Smackdown and enters the world title scene.