Ember Moon



I got to meet Ember Moon years ago when she was still Athena, and at the time I didn’t know who she was. But she was super friendly and you couldn’t help but hope for good things for her.

While I like Ember Moon, I am still rooting for Asuka Saturday. I want her to leave NXT undefeated.

Tyson Kidd



If anyone tells you Tyson Kidd is easy to draw they’re a god damned liar haha. His face took so many tries and this is the second or third time I’ve tried to draw him. We got there, people.

I wish he had won the NXT title in that 4 way with him and Breeze, Zayn and Neville. He was firing on all cylinders and would have made such a good champ.




I love Wildcat. “Whats his power?” Well, he’s got some sort of nine lives bullshit but otherwise he’s just going to punch you. “That’s it?” Well yeah, but he’s going to punch you a lot. Hard.

Oney Lorcan



I have drawn Biff Busick but now Oney Lorcan…I know they SEEM similar but the difference is I’ve seen more Oney matches than Biff matches, and I love this guy. He’s a wrestler that looks like he’s not in a predetermined fight…he just looks like he’s in a fight, and I am very much into that.

Drew Gulak



I drew Drew Gulak a long while back, before he was signed to the WWE, so I figured why better time than now to do it again? I like his “no fly zone” gimmick, and I think it’s pretty fun. I still have my issues with the way the cruiserweight division is booked as a whole, but I like what they’re doing with Drew.

Jun Akiyama



I don’t know what I can say about Akiyama that hasn’t been said over the years…I remember when I first started watching Japanese wrestling some of the first matches I remember seeing involved him. He was good then and that shit still holds up.