Egomaniac: First Rule Of Comedy



So what you need to do is get an orange and some cinnamon sticks. Cut that orange into four, put it in a pot with water, the cinnamon sticks and if you feel like it, some vanilla extract. Cook that to just under a boil and let it cook for as long as you can, and add water as you need to. Your house will smell amazing for a while.

Penny, however, didn’t seem to be as interested in it as we were, I think. But too bad for her, we’re (kinda) in charge here, so the orange-cinnamoning will continue!

And as far as the comic goes, I have to say that this is the last comic in my buffer. Between life, book work and work, I have ran through all of my comic buffer and haven’t been able to do more. But now I’m done with the latest book I was working on, so I should be able to make more comics, right? Well unfortunately I’ve also run through all the scripts I had in my book, too. So what does that mean? I dunno. I’ll keep making comics, they just might not be every single week like they have been.

Or I’ll have a flash of inspiration and do like seven comics in a week and be set for two months. If I were a betting man, I probably wouldn’t put a ton of money on that option, but hey it’s happened before.


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