Takaaki Watanabe



I only recently learned who Takaaki Watanabe was. At the last ROH show in Chicago (Ridge,) he had a match against Michael Elgin. He came out and I didn’t know who he was, and I heard people behind me say things like “It’s Seth Rorrins!” and “Man, this is like some of that Funaaaki and Tayjeeri shit!” So that’s how that started. But the match was awesome. Those two beat the dogshit out of each other. Just a couple of monsters. We got to see clotheslines that made you double check to see if the other guy’s head was still attached. It doesn’t take a lot to sell me…If you have a good clothesline, you’re in. We saw some good matches that night, but Elgin vs. Watanabe was probably my favorite.


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