William Dekker



It took Jenn and I a long time to finally watch Digging Up The Marrow. Not because of disinterest; Jenn had preordered it and we got it on Blu Ray as soon as it came out. Just between conflicting schedules and getting ready for a move and then the eventual move, it took a while. But we finally did see it and I will say that I really really liked it. Shockingly enough, right? I haven’t seen anything Adam Green has done that I didn’t like.


I have seen people call it a found footage movie, which, while there is a little bit of found footage in there, it is more of a documentary horror movie. If you were worried about it being found footage, don’t be. Just watch it. I won’t say much about the movie because I don’t want to give it away. But it’s good and Ray Wise is awesome.


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