Tomohoro Ishii



After I drew Shibata I knew I needed to draw Ishii, just based on their WK10 match alone. Those two beat the piss out of each other in a way that made you cringe. It was a great match, but I could have done without those concussion inducing headbutts.

Side note, we once saw a match in ROH between Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) and Necro Butcher. We were in the front row, and they were mid ring. There was a spot where they were head butting each other, and it was one of the worst sounds I’ve ever heard in my life. It was so loud and just sounded like two giant coconuts crashing into each other. Woof. And then Jeff yelled how it looked like a bumfight, and that got a good laugh from the crowd.

Back to Ishii. He definitely is one of those guys I really like in wrestling…He’s not a super ripped muscle dude, and he’s just out there to kick ass. Nothing flashy, just pure ass kicking. So that’s why I used the same look for this one as I did Shibata.


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