Austin Aries


If you know anything about me, you might know that Austin Aries is one of my favorite wrestlers around. My first experience with him was (I think) towards the end of his long haired face run in ROH, and the next time I got to see him he had just started his Greatest Man That Ever Lived gimmick, and I was sold. I got to talk to him a few times and he was super cool to me. One show I threw a streamer for him, he caught it out of the air, mocked me and threw it on the ground. I later told him he mocked me for throwing a streamer, and he said “oh, I thought you were throwing that for Colt Cabana (he fought him in a cage match that night,) sorry.”

I’m very excited to see him in NXT, and I think he”said going to do great. And also, we have the same birthday. Austin Aries, Seth Rogen and me. As the great Meat Loaf says, two out of three ain’t bad.


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