Hirooki Goto



When I first say Hirooki Goto I was immediately in, because I thought he looked like he stepped out of Mortal Kombat. I mean seriously, look at this guy. He looks like he can be an alternate attire for Shang Tsung, and that’s all right by me. What can I say, I’m easy.

But I also like his gimmick. He’s a samurai. A stoic, hard nosed brawler that just comes out and destroys people. He’s fun to watch and will do things that make you really feel bad for whoever he is in the ring with.

This is another of my “let’s try no black shadows” drawings, and I’m not sure what I did with the unflattened version, which is why there’s a couple little white spots from the background showing through by his chin. I don’t think it’s bad enough where it’s distracting…Hopefully no one notices!


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