Nigel McGuinness



When the WWE announced Nigel was coming in as an announcer, I was excited. He was one of my first favorites in ROH when I started watching it. So when he was announced as coming in, I started watching some old matches online…Man, it’s a shame he had to retire from the ring so early, because Nigel was so good. I got to see him live as champion a bunch of times, and he never disappointed. One of my favorite matches was against El Generico. You knew Generico wasn’t going to be the one to end his long title reign, but the match was still great.

I think the biggest shame about him not being able to wrestle any more is that both Daniel Bryan and Nigel McGuinness are both in the WWE right now and neither one can wrestle. God damn, that would have been great to see. I got to see that live in ROH once or twice and it would have been amazing to see it again.


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