Tomahiro Ishii



I had to draw Ishii again because the first time I draw someone it turns out okay, but the second one always turns out better. He’s super good…whenever he has a good match it seems like people always say it’s because of who he was against. I think we can just say he is good, he doesn’t need to be carried. Ishii is one of my favorite wrestlers in NJPW, he’s just like a wrecking ball with limbs.

Chris Jericho



You know, given that Jericho is one of my top three favorite wrestlers of all time, I think it’s weird that I haven’t drawn young Jericho much. So here’s some 2000 era Jericho.

I’d like to thank him for those trunks, it gave all of us wrestling game players something for our bad ass create a wrestler characters to wear haha.