Mustafa Ali



Another Mustafa Ali? Yeah why not! You may not believe this, but I was trying something different in Procreate and I don’t remember what it was.


Zack Gibson



So I drew Zack Gibson (the second one) and thought it was okay but needed some work. I finished it because I thought maybe color would help but I still wasn’t totally sold on it. So I re worked it, kept a little but more or less redid the whole thing and here we are!

Will Ospreay



Will Ospreay is someone that for some reason I do not have a handle on drawing right. I’ve drawn him because I wanted to, I’ve drawn him because I had to for What Culture…well I guess that’s it. But I’ve drawn him a few times but it never looked right. So I’ll keep trying till I get it!

Buddy Murphy



I don’t think many people in the WWE have been putting on as many consistently great matches as Buddy Murphy lately. He’s been so good! I wish they would let the Cruiserweight division interact with the rest of the crew, there’s so many people I’d like to see him face.