Recent stuff I forgot to post



I post everything on my main site ( but sometimes I forget to put them here too…I think as time goes on I may phase this site out to just focus on that one. But in the meantime here’s a few new drawings.


Cactus Jack



Seeing Mick Foley now, it’s easy to forget how crazy he used to be. Not that I’m complaining that he stopped being crazy…I’d like to see him live a long life and the stuff he did in the past doesn’t really lead to that. But man, his old ECW stuff was so so good.

Rick Rude



A couple weeks ago Jeff and I were talking about how great Rick Rude was, and it led to me drawing him. I always rooted for heels, because even as a kid I always liked Rick Rude.

I drew this because I wanted to, but I think it ended up in Wrestling issue 3. The timing worked out pretty good on that one!

Mike Awesome



Mike Awesome seemed to me to be one of those guys that would make a big impact. He was awesome in ECW, and then he left…and WCW absolutely ruined him. Then he went to the WWF and didn’t do anything important there either. I think he ended up in TNA for a bit, and the next I heard of him was when he died. It’s a shame, ano I think he had a lot of potential that he never was able to quite live up to.

Did you know Hulk Hogan was his uncle? I just found that out recently.




Tajiri was always one of my favorites when he was in the WWE. I never really watched much ECW, so most of my exposure to him was his WWE run. I always thought he was a good, solid mid card guy, and I can’t ever remember seeing that he was gonna be in a match and being disappointed. He was great as a serious wrestler, and he was great in comedy stuff. All around just a good dude.

Dean Malenko



You know, sometimes your hand decides to start drawing Dean Malenko and there’s just nothing you can do about it. I’m pretty sure I’ve only drawn him once and it was for one of the books, and I was never quite happy with it so I figured I’d do a full finished color drawing of Deano Machineo.

Malenko is a lot like Arn Anderson was in the horsemen…He might not be the flashiest or fanciest, but secretly he’s the best of all of them. There was nothing he was not good at, and I’m glad that even though he might not be in the ring anymore, he’s still working backstage at WWE.