Egomaniac: Ice Cream Woman



Did you know I draw comics? It’s been so long I can imagine maybe people don’t know haha. The fonts are a little different because I don’t have my old one on the iPad, but it works!

I miss making comics…hopefully people missed reading them!


Egomaniac: Good Work, Me




If there’s one thing you don’t fuck with Jenn and I about, it’s Seinfeld knowledge. 90% of what we say to each other is Seinfeld quotes, and it’s very very rare that one slips by unnoticed. So when I saw that split second of George, I knew I had to figure out what it was. I guessed it was the marble rye episode, so I went on Hulu and checked it out and I was definitely correct. So that’s why George is in the last panel…It’s to prove I was right haha.

Egomaniac: Where Ever You Are



You know, sometimes the lowest hanging fruit is the best kind of fruit. Why go the trouble of climbing to the top of a tree for an apple when there’s one right in front of your face?

Is it too soon for this joke? No, it’s never too soon for a joke and fuck anyone who thinks that it is. I didn’t know them, you didn’t know them, so fuck it!

Egomaniac: The Owls Are Not What They Seem



I am really excited for Twin Peaks to come back. I hope it’s more season 1 than season 2 though. After they reveal who killed Laura Palmer it kinda falls off a cliff until the last couple episodes of season 2. I wonder if they’re gonna pretend that stuff didn’t happen, or if Agent Cooper is gonna be possessed at the start of the show. Either way, I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

And if you’re curious, the teaser I talked about shows absolutely nothing, haha.

Egomaniac: Cat Backstories



If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen we got a new cat. His name is Ichabod Kramer, and he’s a little four year old (mostly) black cat. He’s got a spot of white on his chest and belly, and he runs around the apartment like a little horse. Penny is very delicate and gentle, and Ichabod just clomps around everywhere. He still has no idea how to run on hardwood and tile, and when he tries he just slides around the place.

Egomaniac: New Stuff



Jenn and I moved back at the beginning of October, so I figured I should make a comic about how the backgrounds of the comic will look different, so I did. After I made it though, I felt like it was cheating to use pictures I found online for backgrounds, so that’s why there’s this too:


And no, unfortunately I didn’t turn into a naked Chris Hemsworth, but hey I guess there’s always hope for the future. If that’s the case no one would ever see Me, Jenn or Jeff again. So in that case I guess I hope I just stay me. I think that’s a pretty safe bet.

Egomaniac: Dumb Pot Jokes



Hey, I still know how to make comics! I know 2015 ended pretty rough, but I have at least three for 2016, so that’s something! Haha hopefully I can make more than three for the year.

The problem I’m running into is that I don’t want to keep making comics similar to ones I’ve already made, and all the ideas I’ve had were similar enough that I didn’t want to retread those same ideas. But hopefully I’ll come up with some more stuff for no one to read. Time will tell!