Kano is my favorite Mortal Kombat character, (but not my favorite to play as, though) but I really don’t care for how he looks nowadays. I think I’d probably just simplify him a bit, just a vest, shirt and like, military pants probably. I’m not huge on the arc reactor chest thing he has.





I don’t know where this came from, but I’m relatively sure I can draw Zangief in my sleep haha. It might be in bad shape nowadays, but Street Fighter in in my blood till the day I die.

Tried something different with the coloring, did it work? I dunno.

Haha, even when I don’t draw wrestlers, I draw a wrestler. I’m sick!

Egomaniac – Rocked



It’s true. Jenn’s joke hit me so hard that all the skin melted off my skull and I sat there just as a skeleton. On the plus side, I had some chicken soup and I got better.

I know not everyone that reads this has played Mortal Kombat, but hopefully the fatality makes sense in the few shots I used in the comic. If not, here it is. Even if you think it makes sense, check it out. It is an awesome fatality, though I prefer his Stalag-Might one, myself. Though I think I find myself in the minority there. But it’s hard to argue with a fatality that sends a stalactite straight up someone’s asshole haha.

Come back next week for a follow up to this comic!