Jimmy Havoc


IMG_1893I only recently heard of Jimmy¬†Havoc, but I heard good things so I checked out a little of his stuff ¬†he seems pretty good! I’m just starting to get into Progress Wrestling, and it definitely seems like a promotion I can get behind. But yeah, I like Havoc, he seems like a crazy person and not the typical wacky crazy in wrestling, more like a legitimate crazy person. So I felt like I needed to draw him all bloody but here’s two versions just because.



Zack Sabre Jr.


zachsabrejrI’m really excited to see what Zack Sabre Jr does in the cruiserweight classic. Dude’s really talented. Ideally, the WWE will see how fucking good he is and sign him to a contract and push him to the moon. Here’s hoping, at least!

i know, you’re saying “wow Bob, you drew a British wrestler and put a Union Jack in the background? How original!” I know right? It’s a new idea that I’ve NEVER USED BEFORE.

Cheerleader Melissa



With Mariposa’s debut in Lucha Underground, now seems as good a time as any to post the drawing I did of Cheerleader Melissa. I drew her once three years ago, and at the time I’m sure I was happy with it. But I came across it on one of my sites and thought that if I tried it again, I could do better. So I gave it a shot! The old one is below for basis of comparison. What a difference three years of work makes, huh?



In other news, I’m sorry for the lack of output from me lately. I’ve gotten a fuck ton of work done, but I haven’t posted anything because I’m waiting to talk about it. Something cool is coming up people. Just keep watching!

The Omaha Chainsaw



I had asked on Tumblr if there was anyone people wanted to see me draw, and I got one response, and it was from this guy, The Omaha Chainsaw. And when a wrestler asks you to draw him, you draw him, damn it! The shit these guys put their bodies through for our entertainment…It’s the least I can do, you know?

Admittedly, I’m not familiar with his work (sorry dude!) because I don’t watch a ton of indy stuff, because if I watched wrestling as much as I’d like to keep up with everything that’s all I’d ever watch haha. But I’ll get to it, I swear!