Keith Lee



I know it’s probably pretty stereotypical to say it’s crazy how someone Keith Lee’s size can move the way he does, but man, it’s crazy how someone Keith Lee’s size can move the way he does. A lot like Dijak, I’m not crazy familiar with him, but what I’ve seen? Very impressive.

Donovan Dijak



Admittedly I don’t have a ton of knowledge with Donovan Dijak, but what I’ve seen is really good. Mick Foley recently said he’d like to see Dijak in the WWE. I can get behind that.

Two things: first off, am I wrong or does this kinda look like BJ Whitmer? The first time I draw someone it usually is just okay, so the next one will be better.

Two: on Instagram, I asked who I should draw, and I came up with a list of 6. This is one, the next five are done. List, complete!

Jimmy Havoc


IMG_1893I only recently heard of Jimmy¬†Havoc, but I heard good things so I checked out a little of his stuff ¬†he seems pretty good! I’m just starting to get into Progress Wrestling, and it definitely seems like a promotion I can get behind. But yeah, I like Havoc, he seems like a crazy person and not the typical wacky crazy in wrestling, more like a legitimate crazy person. So I felt like I needed to draw him all bloody but here’s two versions just because.



Zack Sabre Jr.


zachsabrejrI’m really excited to see what Zack Sabre Jr does in the cruiserweight classic. Dude’s really talented. Ideally, the WWE will see how fucking good he is and sign him to a contract and push him to the moon. Here’s hoping, at least!

i know, you’re saying “wow Bob, you drew a British wrestler and put a Union Jack in the background? How original!” I know right? It’s a new idea that I’ve NEVER USED BEFORE.