Rey Fenix



With Lucha Underground coming back it made me realize I should draw Fenix again. He’s so good!


Pentagon Jr.



I figured it was time to update my drawing of Pentagon Jr. Big fan of his work in Lucha Underground, but I don’t understand why it seems like they aren’t using him as well as they could…but on the other hand since LU is made more lIke a tv show than a wrestling show I’m sure it’ll all make sense in the end.

Marty The Moth



We all know I’m a big fan of Lucha Underground. A big part of that is Marty the Moth. I love his crazy, unhinged character. And he’s a very good worker on top of that. I’m excited to see what happens with him when LU comes back.

and also, as a giant Silence of the Lambs fan, it was super fun to draw a deaths head moth.




When Lucha Underground first started, Cage was just one of those guys that was kinda there for me. I didn’t particularly feel one way about him. But aa time went on he completely grew on me to the point that he’s one of my favorite guys on there. I love how everyone has gotten so dismissive of “I’m a machine!” It always makes me laugh.


You in get the feeling that Vince McMahon doesn’t watch Lucha Underground, because this guy would make his dick so hard it could punch through a diamond.

Cheerleader Melissa



With Mariposa’s debut in Lucha Underground, now seems as good a time as any to post the drawing I did of Cheerleader Melissa. I drew her once three years ago, and at the time I’m sure I was happy with it. But I came across it on one of my sites and thought that if I tried it again, I could do better. So I gave it a shot! The old one is below for basis of comparison. What a difference three years of work makes, huh?



In other news, I’m sorry for the lack of output from me lately. I’ve gotten a fuck ton of work done, but I haven’t posted anything because I’m waiting to talk about it. Something cool is coming up people. Just keep watching!

Joey Ryan



When I first started all this wrestler artwork, Joey Ryan was one of the first people I drew. See?


But that was somehow seven years ago, so I figured that it was time to draw him again. So I did! I’m very excited he’s in Lucha Underground, I’m looking forward to see what he does there. I love that show!