Tomahiro Ishii



I had to draw Ishii again because the first time I draw someone it turns out okay, but the second one always turns out better. He’s super good…whenever he has a good match it seems like people always say it’s because of who he was against. I think we can just say he is good, he doesn’t need to be carried. Ishii is one of my favorite wrestlers in NJPW, he’s just like a wrecking ball with limbs.

Satoshi Kojima



Do you know how tempted I was to make the background of this drawing just drawings of bread?

Looking at all the titles he’s held, it makes me wonder if we’ll ever see anyone have world titles in NJPW and AJPW at the same time again.

Speaking of, why is it you don’t hear much about AJPW nowadays? The only Japanese wrestling I know is the occasional New Japan stuff. Are they really just that much better?

Katsuyori Shibata



I really hope the stuff about Shibata’s injuries aren’t real…it would be a super scummy move on NJPW’s part, but it’s a better alternative than thinking his life is fucked up for good. If there’s any sort of silver lining, it might get some of the guys to tone down the crazy dangerous stuff a bit. I know partĀ of the appeal of New Japan is that they hit hard, but there’s a line between entertaining and dangerous they should look at.

Crazy of me, I like to see wrestlers live long, happy lives.

Hiromu Takahashi



I only recently saw Takahashi for the first time. @PuroLibre had me check out a Dragon Lee match where they fought, and I liked both of them, then in getting ready to watch Wrestle Kingdom 11 I came across more stuff. He fought Kushida there,in one of my favorite matches on that show. I like him because it seems like he gets “crazy wrestler” as his gimmick. He doesn’t act goofy or whatever, it’s just like he thinks he’s indestructible, so he throws himself out there with no regard for his own safety.