Will Ospreay



I’ve drawn Will Ospreay a few times with stuff for What Culture, but I never feel like I can get him right for some reason, so I thought I’d try again.


Juice Robinson



How can you not root for Juice? He’s fun to watch and seems like a good dude. I was sad to see him leave NXT when he did because he seemed to just hit his stride as a character, but it couldn’t have been a better choice because man it seems like the Japanese crowds have fallen in love with him.

Keiji Mutoh



I know I’ve drawn The Great Muta before, but I don’t know if I ever drew Keiji Mutoh. So what better time to draw one of the most legendary wrestlers of all time? He’s another guy that it’s just like, what can I say that hasn’t been said? Just one of the greatest of all time. Also he has the best snap elbowdrop you’ve ever seen.

Tomahiro Ishii



I had to draw Ishii again because the first time I draw someone it turns out okay, but the second one always turns out better. He’s super good…whenever he has a good match it seems like people always say it’s because of who he was against. I think we can just say he is good, he doesn’t need to be carried. Ishii is one of my favorite wrestlers in NJPW, he’s just like a wrecking ball with limbs.