A bunch of shit



I kinda took the week off so here’s a few things today. Experiments and failures. Chris Dijak, experiment. BxB Hulk, failure (doesn’t look right.) Jonathan Gresham, failure (looks too lanky.) Tully Blanchard, failure (bad likeness.) Hideo Itami, failure (too stocky.) 3 heads, experiment. Kazuchika Okada, experiment (and unfinished.)


Experiments and failures



Here’s another Friday of experiments and failures! There’s an artist on Instagram that does these drawings that look like the Pete Dunne one (https://www.instagram.com/pan.kulka.art/) and I wanted to try it because I thought it was neat. Jordynne Grace and Velveteen Dream I think just kinda turned out okay and Seth was just me using gaussian blurs on the shading. It’s okay but not really for me.

Dakota Kai



I really hope the WWE realizes what they have with Dakota Kai…and that they realize they dropped the ball hard with Bayley and can correct that mistake with Dakota. Not that she’s the same character, but they are both perfect babyfaces, and can do something great there.

Ricochet, Luke Harper, EC3



It’s Friday, and it seems like I post a few things at once on Friday, so here we are!

When I feel like I’m in a small art block, I just draw one of the wwe wrestler profile pictures, so there’s Ricochet. Just to knock some rust off, you know? Then I wanted to do something without using shading, just flat colors. So there’s (Luke) Harper. Then I wanted to try something without using any black shading in the line art,so there’s EC3.

I’ve said many times (I think) that I work very much ahead of time, and I typically have a lot of stuff ready to post. I pretty often try lots of different stuff, still trying to figure out exactly how I want my stuff to look. I go back and forth so much…I just don’t know how I want to draw ever!