Nikki Cross



Nikki is the person I’m most interested in from Sanity. I think her feud with Ruby Riot is gonna be pretty fun. Most of her matches have been pretty short, so I’m interested to see how she is when the matches go for more than a minute or two…I’ve heard about her before, but I don’t know much of her work. Looking forward to it!




How great was Asuka at Takeover? That likely heel turn? Her faces after pushing the ref, with the “what did I do?” business? So great. I hope she never ever loses. I don’t mean the title, I mean a single match.

Kassius Ohno



Ive always been a fan of Chris Hero, and I’m excited to see him make his NXT return, even though I wish he’d have come back as Chris Hero. But that’s okay, it’s just a name. I can deal with that! As long as I get to see him in the ring more, I’m good!

Jenn, on seeing him return: “Do you think he still smells like coconut?”

Scott Dawson



I don’t think there’s anything I can say about The Revival that a bunch of other people haven’t said. Commentary tends to call them the best tag team in the world, and maybe I can’t say that because I haven’t seen every tag team in the world, but I would call them my favorite by a mile.

Tomasso Ciampa



I’m guessing if you were here yesterday, you knew what was coming today. Yes, it was also time to update Ciampa, because he is very good. I think everyone is waiting for DIY to explode because the feud between these two will be great. But I’m quite happy to see them team up for a long while, because they work very well together. I read that before he was signed to NXT, Ciampa was talking about retirement. Now I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m very glad it didn’t happen. I’m definitely a big fan.

Johnny Gargano



Well I figured since I updated my American Alpha drawings, I oughta draw DIY again. Granted, when I drew Gargano before he was still in Dragon Gate, and had not yet even made an appearance in NXT. I’d say so far he’s done pretty well for himself, and I’m definitely a fan. Although I hate DIY as a tag team name. I don’t know what I’d have gone with, but it’s not that haha.