Experiments and failures



Here’s another Friday of experiments and failures! There’s an artist on Instagram that does these drawings that look like the Pete Dunne one (https://www.instagram.com/pan.kulka.art/) and I wanted to try it because I thought it was neat. Jordynne Grace and Velveteen Dream I think just kinda turned out okay and Seth was just me using gaussian blurs on the shading. It’s okay but not really for me.


Pete Dunne



I drew Pete Dunne recently for WCPW, but after the U.K. tournament I got to see more of his work. I figured I might as well do a full finished drawing of him because I was impressed by his work…just feels like an old school mean heel. I like that, because so many bad guys want to be the cool heel. Dunne seems like he doesn’t try to be cool, he just tries to hurt dudes.