Nikki Cross



Nikki is the person I’m most interested in from Sanity. I think her feud with Ruby Riot is gonna be pretty fun. Most of her matches have been pretty short, so I’m interested to see how she is when the matches go for more than a minute or two…I’ve heard about her before, but I don’t know much of her work. Looking forward to it!

Tye Dillinger



Well it was a long time coming, but Tye Dillinger finally made it to the main roster. My thoughts on him are the same as before…I think he’s a really talented dude, I just wish they would do something to develop his character beyond saying ten. I think putting him on Smackdown was the right choice, I’m hoping he gets a solid push.

Katsuyori Shibata



I really hope the stuff about Shibata’s injuries aren’t real…it would be a super scummy move on NJPW’s part, but it’s a better alternative than thinking his life is fucked up for good. If there’s any sort of silver lining, it might get some of the guys to tone down the crazy dangerous stuff a bit. I know partĀ of the appeal of New Japan is that they hit hard, but there’s a line between entertaining and dangerous they should look at.

Crazy of me, I like to see wrestlers live long, happy lives.

BJ Whitmer



I feel like BJ Whitmer is one of those really good but underrated wrestlers. I haven’t seen a ton of his work, but from what I have seen, there’s never been a bad match. Plus the way he can get a crowd to absolutely hate him is pretty impressive!

i know he’s shaved bald nowadays, but for some reason it never looked right when I drew him that way. So here’s a little bit younger BJ Whitmer haha.

Brian Pillman



When I was growing up, I was always a WWF kid, but I did watch WCW whenever I saw it on tv, because it was wrestling. I always liked Brian Pillman then, and I was happy when he went to the WWE. But how great was he as a Hollywood Blonde? That was such a great team.




Sorry sorry I mean Handsome Rusev.

One of my absolute favorite modern day wrestlers, I’ve been sold on Rusev since day one. Even when he was breaking boards with dudes names on them.