Pete Dunne



I drew Pete Dunne recently for WCPW, but after the U.K. tournament I got to see more of his work. I figured I might as well do a full finished drawing of him because I was impressed by his work…just feels like an old school mean heel. I like that, because so many bad guys want to be the cool heel. Dunne seems like he doesn’t try to be cool, he just tries to hurt dudes.

Diamond Dallas Page



I’ve been thinking about drawing DDP for a while now, and with his being inducted into the hall of fame, what better time than now?

DDP was always one of the highlights of WCW to me. I liked his work when he was one man agains the NWO, I liked him being on top, and I liked him at part of The Jersey Triad. He has my favorite finisher in the history of wrestling, and Macho Man had my favorite insult ever against him.

“My question to you is, what are you, some kind of GEMOLOGIST or something?”


So remember when I said how much I preferred drawing on the iPad? Yeah maybe not, I busted out the Cintiq for this one too and I forgot how much I liked Manga Studio. Its been so long that I had to update it to Clip Studio haha. So I rearranged the apartment so it’s easier to use the Cintiq now. I will still do work on the iPad, but now I’ve got another tool in the arsenal.

Kyle O’Reilly



The first time I remember seeing Kyle O’Reilly it was at a Ring Of Honor show. I noticed Davey Richards in the crowd staring at him in a way that looked like he was thinking “you better not fuck this up kid.” I’m sure that’s not what he was thinking, but he certainly had that look to him. So I figured “well I guess I should pay attention here.” Turns out he was pretty good, and he has only gotten better. I’m a fan of his, and I think we’re all wondering where he’s going to end up.

Scott Dawson



I don’t think there’s anything I can say about The Revival that a bunch of other people haven’t said. Commentary tends to call them the best tag team in the world, and maybe I can’t say that because I haven’t seen every tag team in the world, but I would call them my favorite by a mile.

Tomasso Ciampa



I’m guessing if you were here yesterday, you knew what was coming today. Yes, it was also time to update Ciampa, because he is very good. I think everyone is waiting for DIY to explode because the feud between these two will be great. But I’m quite happy to see them team up for a long while, because they work very well together. I read that before he was signed to NXT, Ciampa was talking about retirement. Now I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m very glad it didn’t happen. I’m definitely a big fan.

Johnny Gargano



Well I figured since I updated my American Alpha drawings, I oughta draw DIY again. Granted, when I drew Gargano before he was still in Dragon Gate, and had not yet even made an appearance in NXT. I’d say so far he’s done pretty well for himself, and I’m definitely a fan. Although I hate DIY as a tag team name. I don’t know what I’d have gone with, but it’s not that haha.