Experiments and failures



Here’s another Friday of experiments and failures! There’s an artist on Instagram that does these drawings that look like the Pete Dunne one (https://www.instagram.com/pan.kulka.art/) and I wanted to try it because I thought it was neat. Jordynne Grace and Velveteen Dream I think just kinda turned out okay and Seth was just me using gaussian blurs on the shading. It’s okay but not really for me.


Seth Rollins



I’m not sure how it took me so long to get to a finished drawing of Seth Rollins. For a while now I’d say he’s been the best wrestler in the WWE, and I don’t think that is something you can really argue with.

When the Shield first came along, my initial thought was that Roman was gonna be the biggest out of the three, Ambrose would kinda flounder in the mid card and Seth wasn’t gonna make it far due to his size. I’m very happy to admit I was wrong on al three counts.