Flash Morgan Webster



I still need to watch the UK tournament (it was put on the network already, right?) and I’m excited to see Flash Morgan Webster on there. I’ve seen some of his stuff and he’s good, so hopefully he does well in the tournament.


Experiments and failures



Here’s another Friday of experiments and failures! There’s an artist on Instagram that does these drawings that look like the Pete Dunne one (https://www.instagram.com/pan.kulka.art/) and I wanted to try it because I thought it was neat. Jordynne Grace and Velveteen Dream I think just kinda turned out okay and Seth was just me using gaussian blurs on the shading. It’s okay but not really for me.

Zack Gibson



So I drew Zack Gibson (the second one) and thought it was okay but needed some work. I finished it because I thought maybe color would help but I still wasn’t totally sold on it. So I re worked it, kept a little but more or less redid the whole thing and here we are!

Dave Mastiff



You know how I said that no matter what happens in wrestling I always love to see a big hoss just kicking the shit outta someone? Well here’s a drawing of Dave Mastiff. No matter where I looked I couldn’t make out what the bottom half of his gear said, so I just went with bastard. I wish I had centered it a bit more though!