Friday okay dump



I draw a lot, but not every thing turns out how I hope it would. So here’s four that finished up kinda so so. I saw a picture of bearded Ryu and thought if the beard makes him “hot Ryu,” what about Guile? So hot Guile. Then there’s Jay White, Masahiro Chono and Scott Hall. Try new things, learn new things.





Kano is my favorite Mortal Kombat character, (but not my favorite to play as, though) but I really don’t care for how he looks nowadays. I think I’d probably just simplify him a bit, just a vest, shirt and like, military pants probably. I’m not huge on the arc reactor chest thing he has.




Jenn absolutely LOVES Mortal Kombat, so I thought I’d draw someone from it. I know she prefers Scorpion, but he didn’t seem super fun to draw so I drew Baraka. I give him an extra row of teeth, to give him more of a shark mouth. I think that would be cool looking if he had that.