A bunch of shit



I kinda took the week off so here’s a few things today. Experiments and failures. Chris Dijak, experiment. BxB Hulk, failure (doesn’t look right.) Jonathan Gresham, failure (looks too lanky.) Tully Blanchard, failure (bad likeness.) Hideo Itami, failure (too stocky.) 3 heads, experiment. Kazuchika Okada, experiment (and unfinished.)


Bull Nakano



My least favorite thing about this drawing was drawing the Megadeth shirt. So much detail in a very small space! It’s like drawing tattoos. No thank you! My favorite part of drawing this was I drew Bull Nakano. How great is she?

Bret Hart



So I said I’ve drawn Bret a bunch but never drew him well. With this one I still can’t say if I have drawn him well…it’s better but something doesn’t seem right to me. I dunno man, Bret is just hard to get right! I give it a 4 out of 10.

This is my last post for the year. I’ll be back next year with a handful of drawings I did in 2017, new prints, probably new business cards and more artwork and stuff! Thanks for a great 2017 everyone!