Alexa Bliss



I was happy to see Alexa retain last night. I think she should be the champ for a while, I don’t feel anyone on Raw is anywhere near as good.


Stone Cold, Bobby Roode, Sami Zayn



So it might not show in my style, but cartoony art tends to be some of my favorite. I used to draw more cartoony but over the years I’ve swung closer to realistic than cartoony. Not that I think my style is realistic, but it’s more realistic than cartoony, you know what I mean? So that being said I thought I’d try some stuff kinda more like I used to do.

Charlotte Flair



So, I get that you want to give everyone on the roster a chance, but the fact that Smackdown’s women’s division is not just built around Charlotte is just baffling to me. Hopefully they’re just giving her some time because of what’s going on with Ric, and once he’s doing better she goes right back to the top.

Elias Samson



He’ll always be a Samson to me!

I think of all the people in NXT, most people would have agreed Elias Samson was not going to do great when he moved to the main roster. And yet he has been one of the best transitions to it, I would say. He’s a bad guy that is actually able to get the crowd against him, which seems relatively rare nowadays. Good look, not bad in the ring…I don’t imagine he’s going to be a main eventer, but I can see him being a good solid mid carder for a while, and that’s not a bad place to be.