Tozawa, Fandango , Earthquake



It’s the trios tag team you never knew you needed!

I don’t remember when I drew this…I was trying something different and I’m not sure it succeeded but hey you never know unless you go.


Kevin Owens



Kevin Owens has become one of those guys I draw when I’m not sure what to draw. It that it’s a bad thing! I love Kevin Owens. I can’t remember when I drew this…I think it was before I started Inktober! It’s been sitting for a while.

Stone Cold, Bobby Roode, Sami Zayn



So it might not show in my style, but cartoony art tends to be some of my favorite. I used to draw more cartoony but over the years I’ve swung closer to realistic than cartoony. Not that I think my style is realistic, but it’s more realistic than cartoony, you know what I mean? So that being said I thought I’d try some stuff kinda more like I used to do.