Diamond Dallas Page



I’ve been thinking about drawing DDP for a while now, and with his being inducted into the hall of fame, what better time than now?

DDP was always one of the highlights of WCW to me. I liked his work when he was one man agains the NWO, I liked him being on top, and I liked him at part of The Jersey Triad. He has my favorite finisher in the history of wrestling, and Macho Man had my favorite insult ever against him.

“My question to you is, what are you, some kind of GEMOLOGIST or something?”


So remember when I said how much I preferred drawing on the iPad? Yeah maybe not, I busted out the Cintiq for this one too and I forgot how much I liked Manga Studio. Its been so long that I had to update it to Clip Studio haha. So I rearranged the apartment so it’s easier to use the Cintiq now. I will still do work on the iPad, but now I’ve got another tool in the arsenal.

Chad Gable



When Chad Gable debuted my thought was “okay, let’s see how he’s gonna be,” then he said he was “ready, willing and Gable,” and I thought “well I don’t care, I’m sold forever.” It doesn’t take much, folks.

But then it turns out that he’s a wrestling machine, so my being an immediate fan worked out.

Noam Dar



I drew Noam Dar for WCPW, and at the time I kinda knew who he was, but now that I’ve gotten to see him more since then I can say I am a fan. He’s fun to watch, and he’s young, so he’s definitely got lots of time to get even better. Looking forward to see where he goes from here.

Also sidenote, I totally feel like they involved him in a story line with Alicia Fox because with his accent it kinda sounds like he’s saying “Alicia Fucks,” and it makes Vince laugh.




When the WWE first announced the Cruiserweight division, my thought was that Neville should be the final boss. I never imagined he’d be a heel, and be so damn good at it. My only issue was his music, and that got changed too. And now he’s using the rings of Saturn as a finisher? Perfect. Bring him his crown, this guy should have it forever.

Luke Harper



Most underrated guy in the WWE? Most underrated guy in the WWE. Luke Harper is so fucking good. I wish they would use him better but it seemed when they broke him away from Bray they didn’t know what to do with him. And honestly, I don’t have something in mind right now as to how I’d fantasy book him, but all my ideas are time travel centric, so I probably am the wrong person to do that anyhow.  But yeah, Luke Harper fucking rules.