A bunch of shit



I kinda took the week off so here’s a few things today. Experiments and failures. Chris Dijak, experiment. BxB Hulk, failure (doesn’t look right.) Jonathan Gresham, failure (looks too lanky.) Tully Blanchard, failure (bad likeness.) Hideo Itami, failure (too stocky.) 3 heads, experiment. Kazuchika Okada, experiment (and unfinished.)


Experiments and failures



Here’s another Friday of experiments and failures! There’s an artist on Instagram that does these drawings that look like the Pete Dunne one (https://www.instagram.com/pan.kulka.art/) and I wanted to try it because I thought it was neat. Jordynne Grace and Velveteen Dream I think just kinda turned out okay and Seth was just me using gaussian blurs on the shading. It’s okay but not really for me.

Buddy Murphy



I don’t think many people in the WWE have been putting on as many consistently great matches as Buddy Murphy lately. He’s been so good! I wish they would let the Cruiserweight division interact with the rest of the crew, there’s so many people I’d like to see him face.

Drew Mcintyre



I just felt like drawing Drew McIntyre again! I really hope this run for him leads to big things. He’s gotten so good and there’s so many matches I want to see him have now. Vs Braun? Vs Brock? Vs Joe? Vs Bryan? Yes to all of this.

It took me a few tries to get his face right…the second picture is attempt 1, then 3, then 2. For some reason it looks like Drew and two Triple H impersonators.