Tye Dillinger



Well it was a long time coming, but Tye Dillinger finally made it to the main roster. My thoughts on him are the same as before…I think he’s a really talented dude, I just wish they would do something to develop his character beyond saying ten. I think putting him on Smackdown was the right choice, I’m hoping he gets a solid push.

Waylon Mercy



There’s not many characters I wish got a better shot than Waylon Mercy. As a kid I remember being super interested in him, but I didn’t know his knees were shot and he wouldn’t last long. I didn’t know he was based on Max Cady, I only learned that later on. Having seen Cape Fear now, it’s even more of a shame he didn’t last.




Sorry sorry I mean Handsome Rusev.

One of my absolute favorite modern day wrestlers, I’ve been sold on Rusev since day one. Even when he was breaking boards with dudes names on them.

Tyler Breeze



I was watching Smackdown a week ago and saw Tyler dressed up as Nikki Bella and it made me miss the good old days of NXT Tyler Breeze. I think he was the most underrated wrestler that was ever on NXT. Don’t get me wrong, I really like his team with Fandango, but I think they can do so much more with both of them.




If you know anything about hey history with wrestling, you know how much I loved a Umaga. He’s gotta be my favorite Samoan of them all. I wish he didn’t die so young, I think he had a huge future in front of him.

My fantasy booking is this. The New Day invents a teleportation machine, like in The Fly. Jimmy Uso gets in, and right before it goes off, Jey falls in as well. The machine starts, and out comes  Umaga. I know, you’re saying “that doesn’t make sense, The New Day is on Raw and The Usos are on Smackdown.” We’ll figure something out!