Samoa Joe



To say I’m excited to see Joe vs Brock would be an understatement. I’ve been hoping for this match since it was announced Samoa Joe was signing with the WWE. If this is a quick Goldberg-esque squash, I’m done with the WWE for a while.

Beth Phoenix



I’ve been meaning to redraw Beth Phoenix for a long time, since the last time I drew her was in 2010. So just to compare them, here’s both. Haha how did the same person draw both of these? Admittedly I miss that more cartoony style sometimes!

Mickie James



I don’t think there’s any fan that doesn’t like Mickie James. She’s great in the ring, a gorgeous lady and seems to be an incredibly nice person. I’d like to see her get a run with the title again, I think she’d be a good champ.

Austin Aries



I’ll never get tired of drawing Austin Aries!

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. He’s great to watch in the ring, a great commentator and super fun to bullshit with at the bar after a show. I hope he never retires haha.