Bruno Sammartino



I was gonna draw Bruno Sammartino as a wrestler, but he was a badass looking old man, so I went with that. Admittedly I’ve read more about him than I’ve seen of him, but man, what a life. Going from a child hiding from the nazis to coming to the States as a kid who was sickly and spoke no English to setting a world record in weightlifting to being a world wrestling champion for more than eleven years? Insane.


Bret Hart



So I said I’ve drawn Bret a bunch but never drew him well. With this one I still can’t say if I have drawn him well…it’s better but something doesn’t seem right to me. I dunno man, Bret is just hard to get right! I give it a 4 out of 10.

This is my last post for the year. I’ll be back next year with a handful of drawings I did in 2017, new prints, probably new business cards and more artwork and stuff! Thanks for a great 2017 everyone!

Waylon Mercy



There’s not many characters I wish got a better shot than Waylon Mercy. As a kid I remember being super interested in him, but I didn’t know his knees were shot and he wouldn’t last long. I didn’t know he was based on Max Cady, I only learned that later on. Having seen Cape Fear now, it’s even more of a shame he didn’t last.